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Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,

L et me relay a few brief instructions about the rebranding of your ebook.

After you click on the purchase link that follows and make your payment, you will be given a link that will take you to the rebrand page. On that page, you will first see a link that will take you to the affiliate registration page.  You need to register so that you can be paid commissions.  When you register, make note of the username you choose, for that will be your Affiliate ID that you will input into one of the rebranding boxes once you have returned to the rebranding page.  You will also input your user id's from the traffic builder programs and any optional programs like NPN or the 3 inexpensive feeder programs that you might have registered for as you read the ebook. 

Once you have done this, click on the rebrand button and you will immediately receive a link to download your rebranded ebook.  You can either download your ebook to your computer, or you can give out this link to others you want to have your ebook.  The link is hosted free for you by, however it is a very long link.  If you are going to be giving it out, I would recommend using one of the free redirect services that shortens the url.  Just google "url shortener" and you will find many services to choose from.  Or you could purchase a domain name that is memorable and forward it to this long link that downloads your rebranded ebook.  A service I use that gives me .com domain names for only $.99 is  All you have to do is give out your free personalized ebook to as many people as possible.

You can either give away your free personalized copy of this ebook by posting this link all over the internet OR you can create a capture page through a service like NPN and generate a list as you give out your ebook.  NPN offers training and the tools necessary if you choose the latter option.

Most marketers are aware that having a list of people interested in making money on the internet that you can offer information products to at any time can be very valuable in generating income almost on demand. The Traffic Tsunami ebook is a great thing to give away to help you build that list.

Note- After you have registered as an affiliate and rebranded your Create A Free Viral Traffic Tsunami ebook be sure to go to your affiliate back office at  . . . where you will have access to banners, emails, signatures and many other tools and strategies that you can use to more effectively distribute your ebook. I highly recommend that you utilize as many of these tools as you can to ensure that your personalized ebook is virally multiplying throughout the internet.

So let's initiate your Traffic (and Cash) Tsunami . . .

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